Additional Rules and Regulations

  1. Any use of lubricants such as soap, shower gel, creams or Vaseline will be prohibited in the pool area because they severely deteriorate the quality of the water, which in turn degrades visibility in the pool both for players and video cameras.
  2. The amount of people watching games in the water will be limited to 1 person per team. Live streaming will be provided in the pool hall.
  3. When a penalty throw is called, diving is forbidden to all players not directly involved in the penalty throw´s execution for the duration of the penalty throw. If this rule is broken during the tournament, from thereon all players not directly involved in any penalty throw´s execution will be required to leave the water. This is meant to improve conditions for video recording.
  4. All players of a team must wear matching gear – swimsuits or trunks and jerseys (female) / trunks and jerseys (male) – and caps of the same graphic design. The cut of the player´s gear within a team may differ, as long as it is comprised within the rules below.
    • Men have to play in swimming trunks (speedos or shorts – no longer then above the knee) and jerseys.
    • Women have to play in either swimsuits or bikini bottoms and jerseys. It is also allowed to play in swimsuits and jerseys. It they wear jerseys, the jerseys also have to be uniform for all players and if used, have to be worn by all players of a team.
    • All players have to have their player´s number visibly displayed, at least on the back of their suit or jersey, the player´s name may be added. The number has to be between 15 cm and 30 cm high. The strokes have to be between 1,5cm and 3 cm wide.
    • The number has to stand out clearly from the background.
    • The jerseys have to be tight fitted and elastic.
    • The jerseys have to be made out of fabric, similar to the fabric of swimsuits or swimming trunks.
    • For men, the jerseys have to be long enough to be put inside the trunks.
    • Shoulders shall not be covered by the jerseys.
  5. Should a team not be correctly dressed at game-time, there will be a warning by the referee. If they cannot ensure correct dress code within 5 minutes, the team is disqualified from the game and is set 20:0 in favor of the opponent.
  6. If a player´s jersey gets damaged during a game, the player is allowed to finish the game without a jersey. For the next game, the player has to replace the damaged jersey.
  7. If replacement jersey is not available: colors (team white/team dark) will be hanged, so the team with the damaged jersey can use the jerseys that are still intact.
  8. Equipment check:
    • All swimsuits, trunks and jerseys have to be pre-approved before the championship by the UWR Commission, by sending an artwork showing the design and getting an approval reply.
    • Please send the artwork to these two e-mail addresses, with the heading marked with “artwork – country of the team
    • Comprehensive equipment check will be performed after each team´s training session, during the time before the championship matches start. All equipment to be used during the championship has to be presented at this equipment check.
    • Before each match the referees will perform visual and if needed spot-checks of the teams.
    • Swimsuits, trunks and jerseys not pre-approved could be rejected at the championship.
    • The local organizing committee, Technical Delegate and Chief referee will jointly take the decision, if the equipment is according to the rules or not.
  9. Ball selection:
    • All balls for the ball selection need to be presented at the technical meeting.
    • Maximum one ball per team will be allowed to be submitted for the Ball selection.
    • The submitted balls will be checked by the referees before the Ball selection.
    • After the check, the balls will be kept in custody by the referees, till the ball selection takes place.
    • Only balls confirming to size and speed will be offered to player representative for the selection.
    • After the championship balls have been selected, they will only be used for tournament games and otherwise will be kept in custody by the referees.

Delegate/Player Information:

The National Federations are requested to send the following information to the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation by the 30th of September 2022.

Players / delegate information:

  • Full name
  • Profile picture (straight from front, white background, same clothing and pose for all players of one team)
  • Date of birth
  • Times participated in European Championships
  • Times winning the European and World Championships
  • T-Shirt size
  • Federation logo
  • Team photo

By participating at the Open European Junior Championship 2022, federations confirm that all participating athletes and delegation members agree that the organizing federation has the right to use their personal data mentioned above for public players information within the Open European Junior Championship 2022.



If you require a visa, please contact the embassy or consulate in your country. For delegations must obtain a visa, an invitation with the names of participants will be sent on request.

Training Camp Before the Championship:

The teams who wishing to organize a training camp before the championship must specify their request to the organizing committee. Special accommodation and transportation prices will be given on request.

Special requests:

In case you want to make special reservations of any kind or have any other addition questions, please contact the local organizing committee.

Mr. Vasif AKDENIZ+90 507 997 76
Mr. Zafer YUKSEL+90 532 716 14