General Procedures and Rules

Only national federation teams affiliated to the CMAS are eligible to participate in the championship. Each national team should respect the rules of championships, the safety conditions set by the organizers and CMAS rules and regulations.

General Schedule:

The championship program is as follows:

Day 1       14.11.2022        Arrival of Delegations

Day 2       15.11.2022        Training Day / Technical Meeting / Championship Opening Ceremony

Day 3       16.11.2022        1st Day of Tournament / Gala Dinner for Head of the Delegations

Day 4       17.11.2022        2nd Day of Tournament

Day 5       18.11.2022        3rd Day of Tournament

Day 6       19.11.2022        4th Day of Tournament / Championship Closing Ceremony / Athletes Party

Day 7       20.11.2022        Departure of Delegations

Valid Rules:

CMAS Underwater Rugby International Rules, Version June 2021


International referees will be refereeing the championships. CMAS Chief Referee for Underwater Rugby will do the selection of referees.

Technical Delegate:

Mr. Riku Riikonen (FIN) will be the Technical Delegate for CMAS UWR U21 Open European Junior Championship 2022.

International Jury of the Championship:

The composition of the jury will be defined by CMAS Underwater Rugby Commission. It will be announced at the technical meeting.

Each member can be substituted to avoid conflict of nationality or participation in the concerned match.

Age Limitations:

The athletic age of a competitor is obtained by subtracting his year of birth from the current year. According to this rule;

The age limitation of U21 category will be between 17 and 20 years old. (01.01.2005 – 01.01.2002)


Written protest must be turned in to the jury of the tournament within 30 min after the end of the game. Protest fee is € 100,00. Protests will be handled by the tournament jury.

Exclusion of Liability:

Participation in the CMAS UWR U21 Open European Junior Championship 2022 takes place at the participants own responsibility.

Turkish Underwater Sport Federation and organizers cannot accept liability for personal or material damages.

Medical Care:

A full equipped ambulance, one doctor and two paramedics will be provided during the Championship.

Playing Mode:

A detailed playing mode and schedule of games will be sent to all participating federations after final entry has been closed. The playing mode will be decided after 15th of August 2022. The composition of the groups in the preliminary round will result from a draw. The pots for the draw will be determined according to the ranking of the last three Open European Championships.

The total number of groups will be decided after the number of participating teams is known.

The draw will be done after the publication of the schedule. The place and time of the draw will be announced one week in advance.

Timing Schedule:

Will be established and issued within two weeks after the registration deadline (1st of September 2022)

Game Opening:

The teams will make a pennant exchange at the beginning of each game. All teams must bring pennants of their federations.

Nationality of Athletes Participating in CMAS Championships:

All the athletes of a national team must have the nationality of the country or submit proof that they are resident in that country for 1 year at least. In the team there can be a maximum of 30 % foreigner’s athletes.

Photographs and Videos:

By participating at the Open European Junior Championship 2022, federations confirm that all participating athletes and delegation members agree that the CMAS and Turkish Underwater Sports Federation has the right to use pictures and video footage of the event as well as pictures collected in advance including for promotional or documentary purposes.